god said adam and eve not adam and anyone he had a cute on-screen interaction with

What tv show should you watch:


aries:  orphan black
taurus: orphan black
gemini: orphan black
cancer: orphan black
leo: orphan black
virgo: orphan black
libra: orphan black
scorpio: orphan black
sagittarius: orphan black
capricorn: orphan black
aquarius: orphan black
pisces: orphan black


Harry Potter's Character Development
  • Books 1-3: Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
  • Books 4-7: Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.


Over the weekend you may have heard of or seen - nude photos of celebrities were stolen off of their phones and posted online. It’s a terrible invasion of privacy, but probably the most disconcerting part of this for me is that some people are blaming the celebrities for having the nude photos on their phones in the first place.


This Vine gives me life

One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 




The Marauders hanging out in class the day after a full moon when suddenly a terrified hufflepuff says to them, “Did you hear? There were werewolf tracks found on school grounds last night,” and all the Marauders dramatically gasp and say in hushed voices, “Whaaaat?”


TV Shows Meme: 1/9 relationships [Mayim Bialik + Jim Parsons]

"I love Mayim and it would be my personal preference that she never be allowed to work with anyone else."


i cant get over these pictures omg thats some rl disney bullshit right there